New York Youth Symphony!

"Beneath My Shadow, I Look is a piano quintet performed in three movements that offers a glimpse into my personal understanding of self. Within every individual, there are distinct realms that inhabit various facets of life: ones we choose to hide, ones we choose to publicize, and ones that reflect the intimate, personal truths of life. These three realms create, what I like to refer to as, our psychological shadow — a projection of ourselves. The movements mirror these three concepts and illustrate my personal explorations of these ideas. Written for and dedicated to members of the New York Youth Symphony chamber program, this work unifies multi-faceted, energetic rhythmic elements, many textural landscapes, and harmonic structures that remain consistent with their particular movements, bringing to life the totality of Beneath My Shadow, I Look."

A new work commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony! This is a very special, "10/10", very personal piece that has finally made it's way to a new home with NYYS for the next eight months. This work is an embodiment of the maturing and development (quite the overhaul, actually) that my music went through within the past year while I wasn't at school... And there are even times within the piece when it sounds like I've actually figured out how to write music (well)! I wish to not give too much backstory away, but -- I hope to see you all at Carnegie Hall on May 3, 2018 for the World Premier!

- Dan